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Baseball Pitching Charts for Tracking Efficiency & Resiliency

Modified on April 12th, 2024

Charting pitchers in travel baseball provides a data-driven approach to performance tracking and making strategic in-game decisions. By tracking specific metrics, coaches can help pitchers refine their skills and improve their consistency. Charts offer tangible evidence to motivate players and demonstrate their progress over time.

Baseball Pitching Chart Types

Below are 4 charts that will help track your pitchers tendencies, identity common problems, and highlight success.

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Pitch Count & Stress Pitches Chart

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This Pitch Count section tracks:

  • Total pitches
  • Pitches by inning
  • Strike percentage
  • Strike percentage by pitch

The Stress Pitches section tracks:

  • Strike percentage with RISP

First Pitch Strike & 2/3K Pitches Chart

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This FPS section tracks:

  • Total first pitch strikes
  • First pitch strike percentage

The 2/3K Pitches section tracks:

  • Percentage of batters who saw 2 strikes in first 3 pitches

Pitch Intent Chart

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The Pitch Intent chart tracks:

  • Pitcher performance with count leverage
  • Pitcher resiliency after walks, XBHs & RBIs

Excessive Pitch Chart

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The Excessive Pitch chart tracks:

  • Pitcher resiliency in 2-2 & 3-2 counts
  • Pitcher inefficiency

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