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How to Clean a Baseball Glove & Best Glove Cleaner Products

Modified on April 12th, 2024

Why Gloves Need to be Kept Clean

Cleaning your glove is not just about maintaining its appearance. Most gloves are made of leather, which is durable but can deteriorate if not properly maintained. A neglected glove will not last as long, and once you’ve spent time breaking in your glove, starting the process over again can be frustrating.

How to Clean Your Baseball Glove

Cleaning Tools You’ll Need

To clean your glove effectively, you’ll need a few specific tools:

  • Brush
  • Cotton rag or terry cloth
  • Leather-safe cleaner (top 3 listed below)
  • Glove conditioner (we have a separate blog about the best glove conditioners)
  • Rubber gloves (if you don’t like getting conditioner on your hands

Step By Step

Dry Wipe

Use a clean, dry cloth or brush to wipe off any loose dirt or debris from the glove. Pay attention to seams and crevices where dirt can accumulate.

Use Leather Cleaner

Choose a leather cleaner specifically designed for baseball gloves. Apply a small amount on a soft cloth and gently wipe the glove.

Clean the Laces

Use a small brush to gently clean the laces without breaking or fraying them. Apply a small amount of leather cleaner to the brush if needed.

Wipe the Cleaner Off

Use a clean, damp cloth to remove any excess cleaner. Be gentle to avoid soaking the glove. The glove should be damp, not wet.

Condition the Glove

Use a conditioner approved for baseball and softball gloves. Apply a small amount, avoiding over-conditioning the glove. Make sure to get between the fingers and on the inside as much as possible. This helps prevent the leather from deteriorating.

Dry the Glove

Pat the glove with a clean, dry towel to absorb as much moisture as possible. Let it air dry in a room-temperature environment away from direct sunlight or heat sources. Once dry, you can condition it again if it feels stiff.

Store Properly

Store your glove in a cool, dry place when not in use. Keep a ball in the pocket to maintain its shape. Avoid leaving it in your equipment bag, near a heater, or outside for extended periods of time. Here are the top protective glove cases on the market.

Best Leather Cleaner for Baseball Gloves

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Related Concerns

Cleaning the Inside of Your Glove

The process for cleaning the inside of your glove isn’t much different. However, it’s important to check for and prevent mold growth. Buff any mold growth away, then rub glove oil over the inside area of the glove.

What to Do if Your Glove Gets Wet

If your glove gets wet during a game or due to other circumstances, use a clean, absorbent rag to dry it off, then let it dry naturally. If it becomes stiff, condition it after it has dried.

Remember, every glove is different, and some may have specific care instructions provided by the manufacturer. Always consult these before cleaning or conditioning your glove

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