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How to Get Invited to a Perfect Game Showcase

Modified on April 12th, 2024

Perfect Game (PG) events are elite showcases for talented high school baseball players seeking exposure to college coaches and professional scouts. To receive an invitation to a Perfect Game event, fill out the form below using the link below.

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Other Ways to Be Invited

  1. Create a Perfect Game profile: Go to the Perfect Game website ( and create a player profile. Include accurate information about your baseball experience and academic achievements. Make sure to update your profile regularly to ensure that it reflects your current abilities.
  2. Participate in local Perfect Game events: Attend Perfect Game tournaments and showcases in your area to get noticed by PG scouts and evaluators. These events can be found on the Perfect Game website, and they often provide opportunities for players to demonstrate their skills in front of college coaches and professional scouts.
  3. Perform well in high school or travel ball: Excelling in your high school or travel baseball team can help you get noticed by Perfect Game evaluators. Strong performances in competitive leagues and tournaments can increase your chances of receiving an invitation to a Perfect Game event.
  4. Network with coaches and scouts: Establish relationships with your high school, travel ball, or showcase coaches, as they may have connections with Perfect Game scouts and can help put in a good word for you.
  5. Be proactive: Reach out to Perfect Game staff or scouts directly through email or social media platforms to express your interest in attending a Perfect Game event. Share your player profile, highlight videos, and other relevant information to showcase your skills and dedication to the game.


Remember, there is no guarantee of receiving an invitation to a Perfect Game event, as these events are highly competitive and often feature the top high school baseball players in the country. However, following these steps and consistently working on your skills can improve your chances of being noticed and ultimately receiving an invitation.

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