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How to Get Invited to PBR Showcases

Modified on April 12th, 2024

Not all PBR showcases require invites. However, the invite-only showcases provide far more value for athletes.

Get Seen at ID Showcases

PBR hosts a series of open events, which serve as qualifiers for their more exclusive, invitation-only showcases. These events, such as the Preseason ID, Summer ID and the State Game ID series, are designed to identify talented players and provide them with opportunities to prove their skills.

During these showcases, players will go through a pro-style workout, including a 60-yard dash, batting practice, and defensive drills. Pitchers will also have bullpens. The PBR staff will be on hand to evaluate the performances and consider players for future invite-only events, as well as for updated player rankings.

PBR Showcase Registration Form

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