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Guide to Prep Baseball Report (PBR) Showcases

Modified on April 12th, 2024

What are PBR Showcases?

PBR (Prep Baseball Report) showcases are baseball events held throughout the United States designed to offer high school baseball players maximum exposure to both college coaches and professional scouts. These showcases serve as platforms for players of all skill levels, from freshmen to seniors in high school, to demonstrate their talents and potentially further their baseball careers.

PBR Showcase Schedule

Event Structure

At a PBR showcase, attendees will participate in a range of activities to exhibit their baseball skills. These activities include but are not limited to: a 60-yard dash, live batting practice, defensive performances, and more. Participants receive a PBR profile hosting all their verified stats, a picture, a video of their performance, and more, all of which are hosted on the PBR site. Their event structure is similar to Perfect Game.

Do You Have to Be Invited?

While some PBR showcases are invite-only, others are open to all players. In order to receive invites to exclusive showcases, PBR staff must first see you at an ID showcase.

How Much Do PBR Showcases Cost?

The cost to attend a PBR showcase varies depending on the player’s defensive position(s). Here is a general breakdown of the costs:

  • Pitcher Only: $225.00
  • Position Player (Single Defensive Position): $290.00
  • Dual Position (Two Defensive Positions or Position + Pitch): $365.00

Are They Worth It?

PBR showcases are highly valued within the baseball community, thanks in large part to the access they provide to college coaches and professional scouts. Over 700 college programs subscribe to the PBR website, thus giving players the potential to be seen by many coaches. The data, videos, and profiles created during these showcases are robust resources for both the athletes and scouts alike, adding credibility and visibility to a player’s talents.

Best PBR Showcases

PBR offers a variety of showcases. Here are some of the best showcases for college recruiting:

  • Top Prospect Games – These events attract top-ranked prospects nationwide and offer a fresh look at players who possess the skills and potential to play at the collegiate level. Invitations are extended based on past event success, high school accolades, and individual submissions, making Top Prospect events a highly competitive and sought-after opportunity for aspiring baseball players.
  • PBR State Games – Players participate in a comprehensive program, including a full player workout and two nine-inning simulated games, in front of PBR Scouting Staff and College Coaches. The showcase offers players the opportunity to update their PBR profiles with highlight subscription-based videos, stats, Vizual Edge assessments, and advanced metrics. It serves as a one-stop-shop for serious players looking to showcase their skills and gain exposure to college baseball opportunities.
  • PBR Futures Games – Held at the state-of-the-art LakePoint facility in Emerson, GA, the event features eight Major League-sized fields with high-tech synthetic turf surfaces. With over 330 college coaches in attendance and maximum visibility through PBR’s multimedia platforms, players have the opportunity to gain exposure and catch the attention of college programs nationwide. Participants receive the PBR Tech Package, including advanced metrics and measurements, and are outfitted with Mizuno baseball gear for the duration of the event.

Which Showcases Do Scouts Attend?

Scouts tend to attend the showcases that are most likely to attend the showcases that require an invitation. It’s important to attend ID showcases which are pay-to-play, in order to be invited back to the events that matter.

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