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Players Guide to Perfect Game Showcases

Modified on April 12th, 2024

Perfect Game (PG) showcases have become a staple in the college baseball recruiting process. Promising a comprehensive 5-tool evaluation and exposure to college coaches, they attract thousands of aspiring athletes every year. But are they worth it? Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of Perfect Game showcases.

What are Perfect Game Showcases?

Perfect Game Showcases are high-level baseball events where athletes can display their skills in front of scouts, college coaches, and professional baseball representatives. They are essentially platforms for young athletes seeking a career in baseball, often offering the opportunity to be seen by the right people and gain crucial exposure.

Perfect Game Showcase Schedule

Event Structure

Showcases are structured to allow players to exhibit their skills in various ways. Participants usually go through a series of drills, including timed 60-yard dashes, batting practice, infield and outfield workouts, and for pitchers, bullpen sessions. After these activities, they often partake in games where they can showcase their abilities in a real-game setting.

Do You Have to Be Invited?

While some Perfect Game showcases are invite-only events, many are open to any interested player, regardless of whether they have received a formal invitation or not. Generally, the age range for participation varies from event to event, but most are open to high school athletes, particularly those in their junior and senior years. Here’s how to request a Perfect Game showcase invitation.

How Much Do PG Showcases Cost?

The cost of participating in a Perfect Game showcase can vary greatly depending on the event. Typically, prices range from a few hundred dollars to over a thousand. While this may seem steep, many parents and players believe the potential exposure and opportunities for recruitment justify the cost.

Are They Worth It?

The value of Perfect Game showcases is subjective and largely depends on the player’s skill level, maturity, and readiness for recruitment. Showcases can indeed provide invaluable exposure, but they are not a guaranteed ticket to recruitment. Players who are not quite ready for recruitment may not get the return they expect from the investment.

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Best Perfect Game Showcases

Perfect Game offers a variety of showcases. Here are some of the most prestigious events:

  • PG National Showcase: This is the premier event by Perfect Game, typically held in June each year. It’s an invitation-only showcase where the top high school prospects gather to showcase their skills in front of MLB scouts and college recruiters. Athletes who perform well here often see a significant boost in their player rankings.
  • PG Junior National Showcase: Similar to the National Showcase, this event targets younger high school athletes. It’s an excellent opportunity for underclassmen to gain valuable exposure and experience playing against top-level competition.
  • PG World Showcase: Held annually in January, the World Showcase is open to high school seniors and junior college players. It’s one of the last opportunities for athletes to make an impression on scouts before the MLB Draft.
  • PG Underclass All American Games: This showcase features the best underclass high school players in the nation. It’s an excellent event for younger players to get on the radar of college recruiters and scouts.
  • PG Pre-Draft Showcase: This event is intended for high school seniors and junior college sophomores who are candidates for the upcoming MLB Draft. It’s a last-chance opportunity to impress professional scouts.

Each showcase provides a unique opportunity for players to demonstrate their abilities in front of scouts and recruiters. The best one for an individual player will depend on their current skill level, age, and specific goals within the recruitment process.

Which Showcases Do Scouts Attend?

Scouts typically frequent the more prominent Perfect Game showcases, such as the National Showcase and World Showcase. These events attract the cream of the crop in terms of talent, making them prime scouting grounds.

Showcases vs. Tournaments for Recruiting

Perfect Game tournaments and showcases both have their place in the recruiting process, but they serve different purposes. Showcases are primarily about individual player exposure, while tournaments provide coaches and scouts with the chance to observe players in a competitive, team-oriented environment.


Perfect Game showcases can be a significant part of the recruiting process, but they are not the be-all and end-all. Players and parents should approach them with a clear understanding of their purpose and potential benefits. It’s essential to research each event, update player profiles regularly, and keep an eye on player rankings to make the most out of the experience.

The key to successful recruitment isn’t just exposure; it’s about having the right skills at the right time and showcasing them effectively. The journey to college baseball is a marathon, not a sprint, and showcases are just one part of this journey.

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