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What College Baseball Coaches & Scouts Look for in Players

Modified on April 12th, 2024

Top Things College Coaches Are Looking For

For high school baseball players trying to earn a baseball scholarship, understanding what coaches are looking for will help you stand out. This article consolidates insights from various coaches nationwide, offering a comprehensive guide to what can make you stand out in the recruitment process.

How good are you? can you make a difference for their team?

  • Bat Speed and Mechanics: Quick bat speed and solid mechanics will set you apart. Scouts pay attention to your stance, confidence, swing path, ability to recognize pitches, preparation and more.
  • Fielding Ability: Show proficiency in your primary position. How fast do you get to the ball, what does your glove action look like? Can you play other positions? Being able to perform well in multiple positions is a big plus.
  • Pitching: Velocity, physical stature, ability to get and stay ahead of hitters and can throw various pitches for strikes. Are you projectable?
  • Speed and Strength: Base running speed, overall athleticism, and physical strength are huge. Baseball is getting faster, more athletic, and speed is a part of the game again.

Character, Attitude, and Work Ethic

Coaches are looking for recruits with great character and attitude. They value players who are coachable, show sportsmanship and are good teammates. Your work ethic, both in practice and in games, speaks volumes about your commitment and respect for the game and yourself. Show up early, stay late, and always be willing to go the extra mile.

Academic Performance

Unless you are a top recruit, your grades matter significantly. Coaches look for student-athletes who can represent their team just as well in the classroom as they do on the field. Good grades and a strong academic record show discipline and dedication.

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Baseball IQ

Your understanding of the game is as important as physical skills. Coaches look for players who make smart decisions, understand strategies, and anticipate plays. This includes knowing where to throw the ball, positioning, and being aware of various game situations. You know the drill.

In-Game Performance and Practice Habits

Coaches and scouts closely observe your performance during games and your approach to practice. They look for:

  • Consistency: How consistently you perform under different circumstances and your ability to adapt to game situations. How do you respond from being 0-4?
  • Competitiveness: Your drive to win and how you handle the pressures of the game. How do you handle two-out, two-strike game situtations?
  • Preparation: Approach towards batting practice and readiness for game situations. Are you the first one on the field every inning? Do you sprint to your position?

Communication and Proactiveness

Being proactive in your communication with coaches and showing interest in their programs can set you apart. Don’t hesitate to reach out and express your dedication to their program. We have more on that here with tips on how to get recruited.

Becoming a standout high school baseball recruit requires more than just talent. It’s skill, attitude, academic prowess, and understanding of the game. Every practice, game, and interaction is an opportunity to showcase your potential as a future college baseball player.

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