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What is the 90 MPH Formula?

Modified on April 12th, 2024

What is the 90 MPH Formula?

The 90 MPH Formula is a performance test used by baseball players to determine their ability to throw a baseball at a speed of 90 MPH and faster. The formula was created by Dr. Josh Heenan and consists of several metrics that players must meet to throw 90.

The 90 MPH Formula

  1. Momentum Potential: Height in inches * 2.6 = Minimum ideal bodyweight
  2. Force Production: Deadlift 400 lbs for 1 rep
  3. Stable Power Position: Barbell reverse lunge = Ideal body weight on the bar for ten reps per side
  4. Force Transfer: Chin-up = 250 lbs for 1 rep (including the athlete’s own weight and added weight)
  5. Arm Power: Throw 300 feet with a long toss
  6. The Optimal Authentic Mechanics: Achieving proper throwing mechanics

Can anyone throw 90 using the 90 MPH Formula?

Throwing a baseball at 90 mph is a challenging yet attainable goal for dedicated athletes. While genetics can play a role in an athlete’s ability to throw at 90 mph, it is not the sole determinant. Some players may achieve this goal with proper training and dedication, while others may not be able to reach it at all.

With proper training, coaching, and adherence to the 90 MPH Formula’s metrics, a player can work towards achieving this benchmark. Persistence and commitment are essential in developing any skill in sports, including reaching 90 mph.

What percentage of high school students can throw at 90 mph using the 90 MPH Formula?

Approximately the top 5% of high school baseball players can reach 90 mph using the 90 MPH Formula.

Does the 90 MPH Formula work?

The effectiveness of the 90 MPH Formula varies from person to person. It may be more beneficial for some athletes than others, depending on factors like their current level of skill, physical build, and previous training.

Risks of Injury from the 90 MPH Formula

As with any physical activity, pushing yourself too hard can result in injury. When athletes attempt to reach the metrics outlined in the 90 MPH Formula, they can risk overexerting themselves and causing injuries, like severe sprains & torn ligaments. The bottom line is: without proper training for anything, there is always risk of injury.

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