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Best Batting Gloves in 2024

Modified on June 13th, 2024

Best Batting Gloves [2024 Edition]

We put together our top picks from the best batting glove brands in the country. Our list is based on a few important factors: their ability to reduce sting with shock-absorbing technology, their effectiveness in preventing those pesky blisters, their suitability for all seasons including cold weather, and their overall durability over the course of a season.

Best Padded Batting Gloves

CFX Pro PRT Heavy Duty Protective Batting Gloves - $75

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Franklin's CFX Pro PRT Heavy Duty Protective Batting Gloves are built with a padded outer-shell layer to protect hitters' hands. The lightweight shell provides flexibility without bulk, and the premium leather construction ensures long-lasting durability. An extended ergonomic cuff offers additional wrist stability and support, making these gloves ideal for confidence in every at-bat.

Chrome Series Long Cuff Batting Gloves - $110

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BRUCE BOLT's Chrome Series Long Cuff Batting Gloves are crafted from 0.9mm Cabretta leather, known for its superior feel and durability. The double-reinforced palm ensures the gloves stay soft without becoming hard or crunchy. The proprietary double inverse cuff provides excellent wrist support and power, protecting against injuries while enhancing your swing. Designed to fit the natural contours of the hand, these gloves offer unmatched comfort and longevity.

Most Durable (Heavy Duty) Batting Gloves

Original Series Long Cuff Batting Gloves - $90

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The Original Series Long Cuff Batting Gloves by BRUCE BOLT are handmade with premium 0.9mm Cabretta leather, offering a combination of softness and durability. The double-reinforced palm and heavy-duty elastic wrap provide excellent wrist support and power. The ergonomic design ensures a comfortable fit, reducing unnecessary stitching near wear points. These gloves come with a satisfaction guarantee, ensuring you get the best quality.

Blacksmith Full WRAP Batting Glove V2 - $60

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Marucci's Blacksmith Full WRAP Batting Glove V2 is an extremely durable training glove, inspired by heavy work gloves. It features a digitally embossed goatskin palm with reinforced padding for increased friction resistance. The fully wrapping elastic wristband enhances wrist strength and mobility, while the high-strength stretch knit fabric back ensures comfort and breathability.

WORKMAN3 Batting Gloves - $55

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Warstic WORKMAN3 Batting Gloves offer flexibility and breathability with a lightweight polyester front and reinforced goatskin leather on the palm and thumbs. The sticky palm and fingers provide a reliable grip in all weather conditions, and the long, stretch wristband ensures secure wrist support. These gloves also feature a protective rubber Warstic logo on the back for added safety.

Infinite Powerstrap Baseball Batting Gloves - $58

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Franklin's Infinite Powerstrap Baseball Batting Gloves are constructed with extra-thick Pittard's Pro Trainer Cabretta leather for maximum durability. Designed for double the lifespan of standard gloves, they feature micro-perforations for breathability and a 360° Cage Cuff for enhanced wrist stability. Developed with input from MLB pros, these gloves are built to withstand rigorous training and gameplay.

Signature Series Long Cuff Batting Glove - $110

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The Signature Series Long Cuff Batting Glove from BRUCE BOLT features top-quality 0.9mm Cabretta leather, ensuring softness and durability. The gloves are reinforced with heavy-duty lycra and stitching, and the palms have padded areas to prevent tears. The patent-pending double inverse cuff design offers unparalleled wrist support and power. These gloves are ergonomically designed for a perfect fit and come with a satisfaction guarantee.

Best Batting Gloves to Absorb Shock & Reduce Sting

Shok-Sorb X Batting Gloves - $30

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Franklin's Shok-Sorb X Batting Gloves feature unique palm padding that absorbs impact and eliminates sting. Made from high-performance genuine leather, these gloves offer superior grip and bat control in all weather conditions. Tri-Curve technology follows the natural anatomy of the hand, reducing bunching and improving fit. Mesh vented handbacks ensure improved airflow, keeping hands cool and dry.

Workhorse Baseball Batting Gloves - $35

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Rawlings Workhorse Baseball Batting Gloves are designed with a compression fit wrist strap for a customized fit and additional wrist support. The dynamic fit system ensures comfort and flexibility, while the Oiltac leather palm provides unmatched durability and grip. Dual-layered reinforced palms reduce abrasion, prolonging the glove's lifespan. Available in various sizes, these gloves are perfect for consistent performance.

Best Thin Batting Gloves

CFX Pro Batting Glove - $35

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The CFX Pro Batting Glove by Franklin is the official batting glove of MLB, used by professional players. Constructed from premium quality leather, these gloves are designed for peak performance and durability. The natural fit technology ensures comfort and a responsive feel, while Quad-Flex technology provides a perfect fit around the bat handle.

Harper Hustle Baseball Gloves - $38

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Under Armour's Harper Hustle Baseball Gloves feature strategically placed synthetic overlays for support without bulk. Silicone printing adds a compression-like feel, and the neoprene wrist with synthetic leather closure provides superior wrist support and comfort. The leather palm offers excellent durability and a soft touch for added grip. An internal locker tag allows for personal customization.

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